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spread to the whole head, children and the infirm can lead to shock or anemia. Subperiosteal hematoma of the skull is characterized by a limited scope of Levin, the suture for the sector, is seen after damage to the skull, such as birth trauma and so on. how to get rid of dandruff
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Small scalp hematoma in 1 to 2 weeks or so self-absorbed, huge hematoma may take 4-6 weeks to absorb. Appropriate use of local pressure dressing, and prevent hematoma expansion. To avoid infection, needle aspiration is generally not used. When dealing with scalp hematoma, skull to focus on taking into account the possibility of damage and even brain damage.
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Treatment of scalp hematoma following points:
1. Scalp hematoma occurred at the time, do not use bone-wine application may be local or hematoma rubbing massage, it would be more severe bleeding. In local pressure dressing with gauze bandages or ice, ice water, cold water hot water bottle fitted externally to promote vasoconstriction, prevent further bleeding.
2.24 hours after the wine can be painted bone-setting, safflower oil, and using heat to promote absorption of hematoma. Small hematoma after a few days more and more energy absorption.
3. Not easy to absorb large hematoma can be shaved hair, after local disinfection repeated needle puncture with the accumulation of blood drawn, but the ban itself easily with a needle puncture bleeding, doctors should be handled.
4. A huge hematoma, with the above treatment fails, surgical incision should be taken to the hospital bleeding, purulent infection, such as hematoma, surgical incision should be on medication.
5. Occurred scalp hematoma, but also wary of whether or intracranial hematoma, concussion or brain contusion. Let the wounded quiet rest, carefully observe the condition within 24 hours of changes, if there is more and more obvious headaches, nausea, vomiting, irritability or gradual loss of consciousness, ranging from large pupils, ears, nose bleeding and other symptoms, it is not simply a question of scalp hematoma, should promptly call the doctor or hospital for further treatment.
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1, the generally small scalp hematoma, no special treatment, after 1 to 2 weeks more to self-absorption. Hematoma larger than the same time often need to puncture the local pressure dressing, by one or more treatment can be more.
2, the puncture treatment fails, or continues to increase Needless hematoma, can cut to remove the hematoma and bleeding. Skull fracture on the combined subperiosteal hematoma, pay attention to the possibility of intracranial hematoma. Who have been infected hematoma required incision and drainage.